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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Dear colleagues,

   On behalf of the National Organizing Committee, I have the honor to invite you to participate in the XIV International Conference of the Open and Underwater Mining of Minerals, which will be held from 3 to 7 July 2017 in the International House of Scientists “Fr. J. Curie” in Varna, Bulgaria.
    Fourteenth in line with similar scientific forum topics testifies to his great recognition, importance and prestige. A conference is in line with the global trend of increasing share of the open pit mining of minerals. Bulgaria is a clear example in this respect as open mining accounts for about 95% of mining production.
    Both at home and in other countries with developed mining industry, along with the successes and achievements, there are many issues related to improving the effectiveness of the technology, protection of the environment, qualification of mining experts, and others. These are challenges directly related to increasing the competitiveness of the mining industry and determine the necessity of holding meetings of scientists and specialists of underwater mining discoveries and to exchange experience and information to create personal and business contacts.
    We hope that this forum will be useful and the topical issues will be applicable in scientific and practical activities and helped for effectiveness of the open pits and underwater mining.
    I am glad to invite you to participate in the XIV International Conference of the Open and Underwater Mining of Minerals.

      Welcome in Bulgaria!
                                                                    Prof. Dr. Tzolo Voutov

  Chairman of the Scientific and Technical union
  of mining, geology and metallurgy

Scientific and technical union of mining, geology and metallurgy

Federation of the scientific engineering unions in Bulgaria
University of mining and geology “St. Ivan Rilski”
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy
Higher School of Civil Engineering “Lyuben Karavelov”
University of Transport “Todor Kableshkov”
Bulgarian chamber of mining and geology
Bulgarian construction chamber
Association “Bulgarian coal mining”

“Andezit” Ltd.
“Andela” JSC
“Assarel Medet” JSC
“Atlas Copco Bulgaria” Ltd
“BT engineering” Ltd.
“Bumar” JSC
“Vatija” JSC
“Geotechmin” Ltd.
"Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad" EAD
“Ellatzite-med” JSC
“Eskana” JSC
“Zlatna Panega Cement” JSC
“Kaolin” JSC
MDZ “Balsha” JSC
“Minproekt” JSC
“Minstroy Holding” JSC
“Beli breg” mine JSC
“Stanyantzi” mine JSC
“Bobov dol” mine JSC
“Marica Iztok” mines JSC
Open pit Coal Mining – Pernik
“Niproruda” JSC
“Sanrock” Lrd.
“Hemus – M” JSC
“Holcim Karierni Materiali” AD

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